Apple might be launching a new MacBook!

Several new reports have indicated that Apple might have updated its new laptop line-up at this year " Worldwide Developers Conference." In June, with new versions of MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro. 

What's on most people's minds is that Apple does not typically launch hardware at the WWDC and these laptops are due for an update each for its separate reasons and, to be honest, it wouldn't surprise me if these new laptops arrive next month 

If you are looking to buy a laptop from Apple now, should you wait until June 5th for the new versions? The short answer is Yes! 

The MacBook Air is pretty old; it needed a lot more RAM and a better processor.

 Reading from Bloomberg, The MacBook Pro will be faster, Kaby Lake Processor. It's not going to make a massive difference regarding performances, but it will finally be able to keep up with intel's latest processors that use SkyLake Processors. 

Apple is also increasing the maximum memory capacity for the Pro from 16 to 32 GB of Ram to be very helpful for professional users. 

June 5th is just a couple of weeks away unless you really need a MacBook now but I strongly advise to wait