New System Update for PS4 ! Update 4.0

Sony today released a new system update that adds new features, changes the layout and look of some screens! 

PS4 System Update 4.0 is 312 MB. One of the most awesome features to this update is "Folders" for managing games and apps. There are also some redesigned menus and now you can see how it will look to you with the image below. 

Additionally, the 4.0 System update makes some very good changes to the PlayStation Music in which you no longer have to leave your game or app to make a song selection or pause the music. There is another feature that allows the user to data transfer your games, saves, and account info from one ps4 to another over wired Lan connection ! 

Last but not least this update adds support for Twitch, YouTube and Dailymotion broadcasts in 720p at 60FPS with the addition of viewing your trophies offline !