Phantasy Star Online the will never die!

About 9 years ago. Sega officially killed Phantasy Star online for good and shutting down its last remaining servers for Windows and Xbox in the US. Then the year before ,Sega shut down the GameCube and Dreamcast PSO Ver.2 servers. This was all the way back to 2004 and a groundbreaking online console game infested with hackers who learn to kill others players in a co-op MMO...and everything went dark for the long living mmo. 

Phantasy Star Online refused to be unplugged forever

I have had nostalgia about Phantasy Star online. It gave me something to play, meet online people, group up in teams, taking long adventures/quest and creating new weaponry. Phantasy Star Online has a story to everyone's heart for those that love Sci-fi to those that have played .hack and wanted to play a game like that with friends! 

The reasons why PSO will never die is the PSO's code is old enough, simple enough to understand and malleable than more complex MMOs, and with serverse alive like Ephinea and Ultimate have changed the game, updated in small and large ways, giving a better ESP rate, adding new items , quest and special events to keep the players interested! 

I suggest if you want to play a good MMO and the server is still alive enough for you to play and gain tons of nostaglia, play with your friends and maybe have a new game to play on a daily basis then check it out! 

Ultima Server

Ephina Server

SchtServ Server