More news on the Nintendo Switch: Nintendo hopes to sell over 2 million Switch Consoles at launch! More news on the Switch

Recently Nintendo is still struggling a bit to capture its financial health as it showed a few years ago with the windfall of Pokemon GO. Nintendo is now expected to bring about one-third of money it did with the Wii-mania in 2099, then the dismal sales for the Wii U console ( they expected to sell only 800,000 systems worldwide ) and now Nintendo is putting its hopes on their new console. 

* Recent Information* 

Nintendo Ceo Tatsumi Kimishima has said " to expect 2 million units of Nintendo Switch hardware will be shipped by the end of this financial year ( By March 31, 2017 the new consoles launch month).

( A playable Demo of the Nintendo Switch will be available for players to try before its launch in March )