New character coming to Heroes of the Storm : Malthael

Blizzard Entertainment is adding a new hero to the Heroes of the Storm franchise this time they are pulling a character from the Diablo franchise. The new character is the fallen angel and the main antagonist from "Reaper of Souls" expansion Malthael has appeared to take more souls! 

They have revealed Malthael page on the Heroes of the Storm website and from how they described him on the page he feels very Grim Reaper-like in the description. Parts of his bio explained everything. 

As for the stats for this deadly reaper, he is in the Assassin class that specializes in damage and high survivability/complexity. His main trait is called "Reaper's Mark" which is activated through certain abilities and will select specific enemies to receive even more punishment an attack called " Soul Rip steals the essence of marked foes and Malthael will gain back energy. 


There has been no said release date or trailer for Malthael in action however it shouldn't take long for the trailer to become available and to be honest seeing this I would like to replay Diablo III all over again just to experience going against Malthael again! 

Stay tuned for more info on the new hero coming to HotS