Battlefield 1 Beta Early Access Timing Revealed !

In recent gaming news, one of the benefits of signing up for EA's Free Battlefield insider is the service of early access to Battlefield 1 upcoming beta. 

Now it has been recently announced on twitter that they have revealed that the beta for Battlefield 1 is starting on August 30th rather than August 31st 

So on the important note that you needed to have signed up for the battlefield insider program by the 21st and selected your platform of choice to get the early access code. Which will be delivered by email but it seems that EA hasn't sent them out just yet. 

There have been recent sayings that the beta's client will be more than 6GB of space. Also, there is no confirmation on when the beta will end. 

Battlefield will be released on October 21st while Titantfall 2 lands in stores on October 28th 

Are you ready for Battlefield 1 or Titan Fall 2 !