No Man's Sky it worth it ??

So No Man's Sky created by a small company of Hello Games has created an update for the game that has had its gigantic disappointments. I mean in my honest opinion they should have done an early access for the game and worked from there but what's done is done. So the new update is supposed to fix a lot of things that was wrong with No Man's Sky 1.0 

Now the real question is " is it worth it? " I would have to say after the horrible reviews on it and the overwhelmingly negative comments for this game I think its worth a very small chance. 

Patch Updates for No Man's Sky 1.1 Founders Patch 

- Game Modes : Normal Mode, Creative Mode and Survival Mode

- Base Building Updated: Claim your own planet, Recruit Alien Lifeforms, Terminus Teleport in Space Stations to send you to your base of operations, and Expand storage containers.

These are just some example photos of the new things for your base.

- Farming has been updated with outdoor crops or even inside of your base. 

- Ten Types of new plants and resource elements

There are tons of more updates on their website ! Do you think you will give " No Man's Sky " one more look through and its on sale for 35$ on steam!