Phone App Game: X-Tactics !

Hello everyone ! Fellow Readers and people that are still following up on SkyTerra-Review ! I thank you very much..So today we are talking about a new phone app game that I have recently started playing that I think might interest those that love JRPG and RTS style ! That game is called "X-Tactics " 


Taking place in a world where top-secret government agencies and secret societies, maintain the world order, X-Tactics puts players in command of a ragtag cast of secret agents, adventurers, and treasure hunters, risking their lives to keep the truth in check.

Wrapped in dark humor and a stylish anime punk art style, X-Tactics brings a new twist to modern conspiracy theories and urban legends, by placing the player in the shoes of those that know, and manipulate, the truth to maintain the peace and civil order.


X-Tactics (“Cross-Tactics”) is an episodic tactical RPG, which blends tactical and fighting game mechanics

( Its a really good fresh take on the Mobile RPG Games) 

Mid Thought

So this game so far that I have been playing gives me that Persona gameplay feel to it like Devil Survivor 1 & 2. Which is a good thing because I really love JRPG's that are taking on that type of formula! 

Character Gallery



  • Turn-based tactical combat with real time fighting game elements.

  • In-game battle conditions affected by real world location and data 

  • (e.g Zombie enemies are strong at night and weak during the day).

  • A wide variety of unique characters each with their own special abilities and story arcs.

  • Turf Wars mode where players challenge other players for control of real world “Turf”.

  • Hundreds of levels within all difficulty levels, both for shorter and longer play sessions.

  • Weekly updates with themed events containing new characters, stories and levels!

Coming Soon Features

  • Synchronous PvP

  • Co-op play


Creators of X-Tactics

About  GAMKIN, Inc.

GAMKIN, is a small Indie studio formed by Square-Enix, Capcom and SEGA veterans, as well as talented young creators. Established at the end of 2013, and dedicated to creating new forms of entertainment by combining their game development expertise with other media. Besides working on games, GAMKIN also works on interactive children’s television in Japan, and collaborating with local game schools and text publishers to help bring up a next generation of game developers.

Extra Gallery Pictures 

Final Thoughts ! 

So my final thoughts on this game and I have to say I game greatly impressed with this game on how you can easily get addicted into playing it (for those that love rpg's or getting into them). I would definitely say download this awesome game its definitely worth the time !

Download Buttons Both for Apple and Android !