Phone Game App Review: Turtle Boarden

Hello, Everyone! We have a new game to review and it's all about that awesome reptile that hides in its shell the Turtle! A game that has been brought to me named " Turtle Boarden" now I didn't expect a game to be like this but it's also pretty amusing to see a turtle flying across the ice on his back but anyway let's get started! 


So Turtle Boarden is a weird blend of pushing and guiding turtles across the ice into the target zones over terrifying jumps. Where ever the turtle stops in the targeted area and that's a number of points you will receive, the main objective is to get the highest amount of point's possible, each player has 3 rounds per game and/or 3 turtles to use across the ice. 


Final Commentary

So after playing this game with 3 friends of mine it's a pretty fun casual game to pass the time! I say this is worth the download for the mobile users that need a game to play with friends or by themselves. 

This game is available on the Google Play store ( For Android ) 

                                                         Click Here to Download it ! 

                                                         Click Here to Download it !