Indie Game Review: The Wardrobe

Hello everyone welcome to a new indie game review on a point and click adventure game. Now I haven't played many point and click games besides in my younger days playing Pajama Sam * Hey thats a good kids classic game* but today we are looking at an interesting game called "The Wardrobe" so lets get started ! 


All happened five years ago, during a picnic arranged by Ronald and his best friend Skinny.Things were going well, until Ronald pulled out two very tiny plums from his basket, one for Skinny and one for him. Not knowing about his deadly allergy to plums, Skinny didn’t think twice about eating it, and immediately went into anaphylactic shock which caused his sudden death. Ronald ran off, terrified.

When he woke up, Skinny discovered that he had become a skeleton and been sentenced to live in Ronald’s bedroom wardrobe forever. Since then, Skinny has watched over Ronald constantly, without his knowledge... but now things are going to change!To save his best friend’s soul from eternal damnation, Skinny will be forced to reveal himself and make Ronald admit his 'crime'. Not a simple challenge at all!

Mid Commentary 

So this game is inspired by those great 90's classic point and click games like "Monkey Island", "Day of the Tentacle" and "Sam & Max series". So far after playing a bit of the game/demo it has given me great nostalgia and reading the great humor that this game gives !! 



Pro's and Con's 


  • Gives off that Amazing 90's Point and Click Adventure feel! 

  • 2D Visually - rich 

  • Great Humor 

  • Good Characters 

  • Dark Story *Which is always good* 

  • Nicely Created Environments 


  • So for those that are new to the point and click adventure games this takes some time to figure out what to do next and what item is used where. 

  • If you don't have patience to take the time and think how to solve the puzzle then I don't recommend point and click games for you.

Teams that worked on " The Wardrobe " Game 

Final Commentary 

So after playing the game for a bit it really touches the kid in me that loves Point and Click games, visually it's something that really to a lot of time and works to make it look very good and there need to be some more point and click adventure games that give you that nostalgia feel!

This game is great for those that love point and click adventures or just miss those 90's point and click games (like the Original "Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle " ) 

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