Indie Game Review: Tactical Legends!

Hello fellow viewer's subscribers and new readers to this new indie game review about a certain Indie game I have been playing recently called " Tactical Legends". Now I have had my doubts about this game since it is a TBS..and I though it would go by percentages....I was very wrong! this game actually goes by skill no luck involved. 

So lets get started on this game review! 

So the game is pretty straight forward 

  • 15 - 20 mins per-match 

  • Two Game modes 

  • Easy to learn but very hard to win ! 

Greenlight Trailer! 




  • Player's can hire units during battle to get the upper hand

  • There is no preparation 

  • Strict Rules: That means this game is not based on percentages, no random misses just pure battle and to be honest it seems like chess where you have to use skill to win! 

  • Quick Turns 

  • The game takes either 15 to 20 mins 

  • No Blood , Bones , Or Skulls 

Pro's and Con's 


  • Its good to have an TBS that is focused simply on skill ! 

  • Perfectly Balance ( there are no overpowered units )

  • You have to think before you act when playing this game 

  • Easy to learn 

  • Two Game modes 


  • The game does sometimes slow up but remember this is in "Pre-Alpha stages" 

  • The cursor is a little sensitive 

  • (Warning * If your friend isn't really good with TBS games they will rage....yea he is still mad at me lol )


64 bit Windows 10/8/7/Vista
Processor: dual-core Intel 2,0 GHz or AMD CPU Phenom X4-9950
4GB System RAM
4GB free HDD space
DirectX 10 compatible NVIDIA video card with 1GB of RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or Radeon analogue)
DirectX compatible sound card

Internet access * Must be Online to Play Game* 

Final Comments 

So people do not judge this game just because it's in pre-alpha mode actually take the time and play this game out for the fact that it's really fun for those that love TBS or new to the genre of gaming. 

To Support This game here is a link to the Greenlight Page 

Tactical Legends GreenLight