Indie Game App Review: Rockabilly Beatdown


Welcome everyone, to the Rockabilly Beatdown fight club where we have our three hero competitors fighting against the most gruesome of monsters now let us get started on this review! 


Rockabilly Beatdown is an " endless puncher" game. (What is an endless puncher is basically fighting and endless amount of enemies until you reach a certain point or until the boss comes out ). Now with the three characters, you have to choose from the objective is to punch hoard after hoard of enemies like your life depends on it. These enemies are very fast and you have to think before jumping into the next army of monsters.  



Mid Commentary 

So after playing this game for about 2 hours ( ignoring the fact of constant deaths) this game is something really fun, zombies everywhere, and all I am thinking about while playing this game is " One Punch!". 




- Three heroes ready to throw down! Choose from Kimber Killjoy, Ace Knuckles, or Bruiser McFist!
- Loads of endless enemies are out to get you, with bosses tossed in for double trouble!
- Six crazy cool levels to punch your way through!
- Super sweet pixel art to channel that classic arcade action feel!
- Unlock costume colors and more special levels through gameplay!

Two New Characters (DLC) 

Game Created By: 



Final thoughts! 

So this game is very fun , the art is very well done and it's something that really challenges you. I do love the unique characters and the level environment. Now I do hope they think about making an android version of this game at some point in further development.  

Greatly Recommend playing this game ! Available in the Apple store! 

Coming Soon to Android !