Indie Support Game Review: Lone Light

Hi all my fellow viewers, followers, subscribers and brand new people coming to this awesome website. Today I am showing everyone here a new indie game that for some reason reminds me of being inside of a museum painting that you will just stare at for hours and that game is " Lone Light ". 


Lone Light is an atmospheric puzzle game about a source of light, alone in the universe trying to find its identity. Players have the control of the source of light, however, the source is not distinguishable from its surrounding. To figure out the position of the source and where it is going, players have to use the shadows created by the obstacles in the level to reach the destination, black holes, to enter the next level. Paying attention to the shadows is the most important aspect of the gameplay.



  • Around 100 levels

  • Secret levels, players can find them inside of other levels

  • New mechanisms get introduced in the game when players progress through the game, for Example: Players have to use shadow to find invisible objects, players gain the ability to move some specific objects and etc.

  • Original soundtracks


Gameplay Video Coming Soon ! 

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Final Thoughts

So far after looking at the trailer of this game and reading more on it I find it something pretty interesting! For the fact the art of the game is like a painting in a museum and you are just watching it being made in front of you ! 

Take the time and look at this game and show this indie game some support ! 

Coming Soon on Xbox One, PC , Steam , Mac and Linux