Mobile Game Review: iRIUM


Hello, Everyone! It has been awhile but I am back to bring you a very fun RPG for the mobile phone and yes this game is for both iOs and Android Whoo! This game brings something special to Mobile/RPG world with two genre mixes of Rhythm and Roleplaying game! Welcome to the iRIUM! 



iRIUM focuses on art as a main subject and theme with its diverse artists such as Picasso, Beethoven, Shakespeare, and Kant. Various ways of collecting Inner characters (( Characters that are summoned from these cubes))  

Trailer and Gameplay





  • Embark on a journey of spiritual growth with more than 100 kinds inners 

  • Dynamic fun with the masteries and skills 

  • Immersing battle plays with rhythm interactions 

  • Story missions which have individual stories

  • PVP colosseum with diverse players, strategies and tactics  

  • Experience the amazing music! 



So I found this game to be something interesting for the fact that I love RPG games and there aren't many RPG's that involve Rhythm interactivity. Sure it might be a bit difficult for those that aren't into rhythm games but I say try this game for a different RPG! 


iRIUM Music

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