Success of Indie Game month on YouTube Channel

So after the first week of Indie Game Month "IGM" has been a pretty much big success with this list of awesome games that have been reviewed and I greatly appreciate all of the developers that wanted a review from me also :D !!! 

Week 1: 

  • - The Station

  • - Mango Man

  • - StarBound Drifters 

  • - AfterLight 

  • - Double Kick heroes 

  • - ManaSpark 

  • - IO 

  • - Metrico + 

  • - HUE

  • - MiniLaw 

Also, make sure to play their demos and full games and give them some feedback/ follow their twitter

Thank you all for your awesome games get ready for Week 2 ! 

I will get back to writing reviews from time to time while working on Indie Game Month!  So Stay Tuned!