Indie Game Review: Little Nightmares Creepy Setting and great story

Hello everyone, welcome to a long time game review for a game that brings dark tale, in a ship full of deadly enemies, helpful little gnomes, and everything wants you dead welcome to " Little Nightmares". 


A mysterious vessel called " The Maw" that caters to the whims of the sick and powerful creatures that board its vessel. A small 9-year-old girl named Six has been trapped in the depths of "The Maw" decided to escape for this dark madness. Once Six decided to escape from her prison and deep within the shadows the Janitor of the Maw was watching her every move following her with his long arms. Her adventures will take her throughout the several rooms of the ship with many of its unspeakable horrors. 

Gameplay and Trailer



After playing "Little Nightmares" I have seen a very dark and disturbing tale especially seeing the dining area with all the obese overly weighted creatures that were just eating anything or whatever was in front of them. Running past all of them trying not to be grabbed by their giant grease covered hand which leads to death for Six (aka gets eaten or crushed). I have no idea who these creatures are but I guess these must be the 5 deadly sins or at least somewhere along the lines of them. Either way, this game has given me a very interesting experience with the puzzles, trying to survive. 

Last comments

So the game is pretty creepy with its weird bosses, disturbing enemies and how the story progresses with Six. If you are expecting this game to have a lot of action and adventure then this game isn't for you but if you really want to take in the dark story, venture around and learn more on how Six survives the maw then definitely take the time into looking into this game!


Going through the tale of Six and her adventure through "The Maw" has been a real treat for me after playing it all the way to the end ( No spoilers, I want you guy to experience this dark tale). Little Nightmares is definitely worth the time and with its upcoming downloadable content talking about a new character called "The Boy" and his adventures with the gnomes that have been wondering about "The Maw"! 

Dark Story with some very creepy enemies that grows darker with every turn! 8 out 10 - Great Game