Indie Game Review: I AM WEAPON REVIVAL

Hello, everyone, I am back with another game to review and today another game has taken me to a very weird and with tons of clowns *sighs*. Now I never thought I would be playing a game where suddenly there is a clown running at me with a sharp blades for hands ( That's not terrifying at all ) anyway let's get started with " I AM WEAPON " Review ! 


Have you ever faced your worst nightmare? 

You along with the main character will delve into a strange and frightening world of horror, explore its distant corners, find out how you ended up here and, most importantly, how to get out of this hell. What can save you from this madness? Only your lost memories which you’ll have to put together piece by piece. Whatever’s living in this world is luring you inside. Those creatures who are meant to bring you joy and happiness will only cause death and suffering! 



Billy * From Billy and Mandy* AHHHH THE CLOWNS * Takes out a machine gun * WHERE ARE THE TANGELOS !!! THEY WILL DESTROY US ALLL!!!! If you liked this video please Like , Comment and Subscribe!


  •  Mysterious world full of dark secrets

  • Hordes of fiendish enemies

  • Wide range of opponents

  • Intriguing story

  • Big guns... Loads of ‘em! 

  • Abilities, turrets, drones, swords and axes

  • Side quests to suit all tastes

  • Exciting battles

  • Full gamepad support


So I have to say this game it definitely gave me that eerie feeling when walking around with the random swarms of clowns with sharp objects and weaponry! I played this game and there wasn't a dull moment its like they only gave you seconds to take a break and reload. I also highly recommend to playing this game with friends or even single player is fun ! 


So I greatly like this game its pretty fun with its twisted world and tons of creepy clowns that show up to try and attack you with everything they got! There is even a clown that spits acid and if you kill it then it will split into two more enemies with buzz-saw blades! 

- Definitely Worth the Buy ! and Mostly Positive on Steam and a great Multiplayer!