Game Review: " I AM SETSUNA"

Hello, everyone, It's me once again now I am going to review one of the most nostalgic games I have played in awhile and we haven't had a good JRPG in a while so let's get started with today's game review " I AM SETSUNA" 


An island that has a certain custom, to maintain peace across the land but every decade a sacrifice has to be made which is then offered to a fiend on the island. However, this year the fiend grew even more violent than usual before the time of the new sacrifice with that caused the monsters throughout the island to also become more violent.

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Gameplay Commentary

When I started playing " I am Setsuna " I didn’t know what I was going to experience with this game even though I really love RPG's and JRPG's. There hasn't been a good JRPG in a long time in my opinion but after getting past the tutorial area that’s when the games story, leveling system, and battle system gets you instantly hooked! 

You would think normally " level up and get some random abilities set to your class" nope not in "I am Setsuna". You have to earn your abilities; level ups do happen with your status but when it comes down to it you have to earn/create your abilities from the monster drops/items. With these, you will be able to create Spirit unite which helps create new combos with certain team members. 

The story so far into the game has been a real treat it’s like " Square Enix " really went back to their roots with this game "Square Soft" era. It’s a really dark tale from having one of the main characters get a mission to be the evil soldier that kills the sacrifice to seeing everyone in their village killed by monsters. 

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I really love this game for the fact that Square Enix was going back down to what they were before "Square Soft". It has some decent music for a JRPG, the gameplay and story are really good, the characters are really well made so that it doesn't feel like everyone has the same life story and the art for the game is also really well done. Also if you don't like reading subtitles while playing the game then I don't recommend you getting this one. So I would give " I am Setsuna " a good 8.5 out of 10 for a good game to buy if you love JRPG's or RPG's in general.