Indie Phone App Game: Fur-Guardian's

Hello Fellow Gamers and Upcoming Subscribers I am going to tell you about a pretty cool and creative retro game called "Fur-Guardians"

So to be honest here I though it was going to be one of those Mario clones but I was completely wrong this has a platformer aspect with Rpg on the side.  Fur-Guardians is in a 16-bit style with some old school music like what you hear in the old style arcade machines that is super catchy. 


In this story your character (That you create) is on a long epic quest to defend against the evil creatures that have invaded the land of Fur-Gardia. 




  • Customize your Character 

  • Unlock Upgrades ( You even get wings...and no there is no red bull ) 

  • Play through different environments 

  • Defeat different types of enemies 

  • Two different ways to play this game by One screen full control or Auto-run and just tap screen to jump. 


To be honest this is actually a pretty fun phone game and it's not like the other apps that force you to look at all of the ads, pay to win , and to take ads off you need to buy the full game. I have been playing this game for several hours while my rabbit is looking pretty awesome with armor and a bandanna. 


If you would like to download this awesome phone game click the link before here for the google store , Amazon App Store and to play it on your PC. 

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