App Game Review: CoogyLoop v2

Its been awhile since I have created a phone game app review but I just received a couple that will bring some interest to you especially for those that just need a game to waste some time before doing something or waiting to do something. So lets get started on this game review for iOS phone users its called " CoogyLoop" 


A ball called “Coogy” is spinning in circles. Your job is to tap the screen when the Coogy is inside a colored area. Every time you get it right, the colored area will change shape and position. But the more you go on, the faster the Coogy will spin.

(The game is all about risk.) The quicker you are, the more points you'll get. So if you want to beat records, you'll have to speed it up! No need to play it safe: you can miss 3 times, but combos will help you earn your lives back.“You can challenge your friends, but first of all you are competing against yourself. You hate it when you lose, but it only makes you try more, because you know you can do it.”




  • - Complete redesign

  • - 21 Coogies to unlock

  • - 6 Deluxe Coogies with special powers

  • - New animations

  • - New scoring system

  • - New rare colored areas with bonus points

  • - Lives to make the game last longer


Final Thoughts on CoogyLoop v2

So I have played this for a couple of hours and I have to say this game is definitely addictive and does speed up time. This is great for casual gamers and for Apple Users

This game is also available on Iphone , iPad and iPad touch ! I also recommend downloading this game ! 

                            Click here to go to the Website and Download the Game ! 

                            Click here to go to the Website and Download the Game !