Indie Game Phone App Review: CatTroid: Among Humans

Hello, everyone and this is Nine Lives News! We are here to report a secret group of cats here to protect us from the invading monsters created by humans. That are attacking our planet. That's here on the news now let start that review !


CatTroid is an arcade game in which you play the "Rol the cat". CatTroid trying to fight against the enemies send by human beings. Rotate the iPhone to move the cat and tap to shoot. As simple as they are, those are the controls of the game.

Game Created By

                                                              Black Cube Studio



Game Links: 

                                                            For Android Players 

                                                            For Android Players 

                                                              For Apple Players 

                                                              For Apple Players 



- Super easy to control and to learn.
- 9 different characters with their different combat styles.
- Share your best score with your friends.
- Personalized tutorial for each of the characters.


Final Thoughts

So I found this game to be really fun, I do love the cat characters you can earn after playing the game for awhile and I mean there is even a Kratos Cat! This game seems simple but really it gets harder after awhile and pretty addicting. 

I recommend playing this game! It's available for Apple and Android ! 

That ends the Nine Lives News!