Song of the Deep: Game Review !!

Hello, folks today I am going to review a game that is just a relaxing adventure game that has such a great story that feels like it came from a children's book and I am surprised that it doesn't have a book. So I am talking about " Song of the Deep " one of the new games this month now let's get started with this great review ! 


The story focuses on the main character named Merryn who has been waiting for her father to return from a recent fishing voyage. After awhile realizing that he never returned, later that night Merryn had a dream showing that her father was trapped somewhere in the deep dark sea and she must go save him. Gathering whatever parts she could find to build a small submarine she took off into the deep depths of the sea with courage , intelligence and the determination to save her father 


Trailer and Gameplay 



  • Explore a fantastic non-linear interactive underwater world, from ruins to bone yards to gardens. Every corner of the ocean offers a new surprise.

  • Upgrade your submarine with new abilities to access new areas of the sea, and combine your abilities in surprising ways like catching a torpedo with your claw arm.

  • Outwit, outmaneuver, and battle creatures along the way, from lantern jellies to giant bosses.

  • Experience an unforgettable journey: A powerful tale about a daughter defying impossible odds to search for her father.

Final Comments 

So after playing this game ( Part 1 ) I have found this to be a really fun adventure game, a touching adventure and great for casual players or for those that want a game that makes you just venture everywhere! I highly recommend this game !!