Game Review: The Technomancer

Hello, everyone, it's me that one writer you love reading and taking a look at his website which I thank you all very much for helping me out ! Every view and person coming to the site help keep SkyTerra-Review even more awesome! So let's get started on this shocking review (Ha! see what I did there) on " The Technomancer" 


200 years in the future, humanity has finally colonized Mars and the War of Water has begun. You as the player are a rookie Tecnhomancer named " Zachariah from Abundance, one of the most powerful corps on the planet. Zachariah must make several choices like " allying with certain groups like " the mob and etc" as his journey will take him through many secrets that no one else has experienced



Mid Commentary

So there have been a lot of games in the cyberpunk world but SPIDERS studio has this sort of different feel whenever they make a post-apocalyptic it feels sort of stiff when it comes to combat. After a while, the combat fits in with how the world moves ( not sure if that is said right but that's how I feel about their games sometimes).

Trailer and Gameplay



An adventure set on the sands and
terraformed tropics of a post-apocalyptic
Red Planet
• In depth crafting which changes the
appearance of weapons and armor
• Play a Technomancer, master of 3 combat
styles and destructive electrical powers.
• Unleash powerful Technomancy magic
on your foes
• A world that reacts to your decisions
• Relationships with companions that
open new pathways and quests


Final Comments and Thoughts

So far after playing "The Technomancer" I have been really addicted to the story and the gameplay. It's a really impressive game, having a very big skill tree to change on how your character fights and changes the situation with just on their dialogue! It is really worth is buying this game ! For RPG lovers and Story!