Phone App Game: Just a Puzzle

Hello everyone time for a new phone app game to review. So this is a small indie game but its a really good small puzzle game I will admit. So for you puzzle lovers out there I got a game for you ! 


It's Just a Puzzle Game!

It is NOT a tool built by a shady mega-corporation developing the military technology.

It is NOT an attempt to recover the scattered knowledge of an experimental Artificial Intelligence that became self-aware in a laboratory and discovered a terrifying secret about the nature of our very existence that could tip the balance of world power to whoever can recover it first.

Mid Comment

Okay I will admit after reading that small bit of story behind this game I was thinking " Wow this game is really addicting and makes you think on how to approach the many types of puzzles ahead ! "


Final Comments 

So I find this a fun game and for people who want a challenging game or a good puzzle to play throughout the day ! 

Here is download button to play this game!