Indie Game Support Page: Crimson knights

Hello everyone I am going to show you a new indie game that I think should definitely be supported and it looks really well done! 

This game is called "Crimson Knights" a multiplayer dungeon crawler where these 4 players go through several floors fighting tons after tons of enemies. 

There are 4 modes for Crimson Knights 

  • A dungeon crawler game mode that players descend infinitely down different dungeons to increase their decent. 

  • A survival mode where players fight in one room against hordes of enemies. 

  • Player vs Player where people can fight each other to decide the best player. 

  • And a floors mode where an objective can be set for players to reach. 

Multi-player, Single Player , Co-Op and Local Co-Op

This great looking indie game was created from a team at a school from University of Advancing Technology. They put alot of work creating this game and I would deeply appreciate it if everyone here would show them the up most support and helping this team of students make this game happen.