Thank you All for the Support on SkyTerra-Review!

So I have been in the Game reviewing business myself for awhile and I have never gotten the chance to thank everyone single one of you that I have reviewed and helped supported this website! 

It is a great cause that I decided to take on myself to help the indie industry because everyone needs help presenting their game out there into the world. Which I understand isn't easy at to find someone to review that game for you, not even sure if it will be a good review enough to bring some support and not much contact with the editors. 

Which I find that a great un-service to the indie devs out there so I am going to explain the other reason on creating "SkyTerra-Review". 


I graduated from college with a 4 year degree in Game Developer (Game Design) and as I am pretty sure everyone knows its tough getting a job out there in the game industry. Reasons are if you are a game designer you literally have the worst luck of getting a job unless you have Triple A title skills under your belt to even put your foot in the door. So I have tried getting jobs in several industry places many with no response others with a response but not looking for my skill set, and its upsetting that you go through all of those 4 years at college to get this career. You get out of college then suddenly you feel like you are standing at the DMV wondering when you are going to be called in line to get a chance to show your skills (work ) to a big time game company. 

I chose to take myself out of this line, to make my own job and company. It's easier and I love giving my opinions on games that are worth peoples time, worth the buy and something that is fit into what they feel like playing. 

So far I have been doing reviews for video games about 4 to 5 years on my own blog then moving it up to a website. Here we are today with SkyTerra-Review a website that is here to help the indie industry and its developers to get their work/games noticed out there for people to enjoy. 

To end this note

" I would like to personally thank you all for helping this site grow into something even better for the future of Indie Game Developers! Keep Moving Forward, Keep Creating Games and Always Succeed to the best of your ability!