Indie Game Review: Mighty Number 9!

Okay everyone the day has come of the game that was announced a long time ago on Kickstarter! This is from one of my favorite game developers that I have met in person and he is a pretty cool guy ( if he has a translator near him to tell Keiji what you are saying ^^;). Anyway, I am going to tell you all about "MIGHTY No.9!" 


A great Doctor named " Dr.White" created these 9 robots known as the " Might Numbers" who were a great powerful team in the " Battle Colosseum".  Until a rampant cyber virus was reaching out to into every robot in the city making them go crazy and attacking humans. 

Mid Commentary 

Okay so the story normally starts out somewhere far into the future which is always good. I haven't really gotten too far into the game yet but one of the bosses are down ! The Futuristic worlds are very well detailed and the characters personalities are interesting besides No.2's Ice puns and jokes -__- I will get that guy 

Trailer and Gameplay


  • 12 Challenging Levels and Boss battles

  • Classic 2D action with great transformations

  • Unlockable Difficulty Modes: Hard , Hyper, and Maniac

  • Score Attack , Leaderboards, and Rankings

  • Change between Regular and Retro 8-bit music

  • Single Player Challenge Mode

  • Boss Rush Mode

  • 2 Player Online Race Battle

  • 2 Player Online Co-Op

Comment's so far 

Okay, so the game has a bit graphical issues when dashing super fast in the game which can be easily fixed in later patches. There really is no strong impact on the game or a horrible bug that hurts the player experience, I mean I am glad Concept took their time on this game because Keiji Inafune had a big time history with the Megaman games and he is trying to bring a new character into the world as the Megaman he wanted to show. So to be honest this character "Beck" is kind of a fresh air from the original Megaman but I will always love and respect Megaman since he is my childhood favorite game character ! 

Final Thoughts 

Okay so this game did take awhile to create and people where giving up on Mighty No.9 being released at all. Also remember that even though it took awhile for it to be released I would rather have a game take all the time it needs to be created than rush it out and suddenly becomes terrible. Like "Duke Nukem forever" ( I know everyone has heard this alot but it has to be said" ) that game took forever to be developed ( About 15 years of development work on this game) and it finally came out in 2011 !. See now when something takes that long to be created many people start to definitely loose interest in this game ( I mean Meta critic gave it a 2.5 out of 10). 

So in all fairness I am giving Mighty No.9 a chance and I was satisfied with how the game turned out and after a couple of more patches and fix ups. 

I highly recommend this game to Megaman Fans or people that really love Keiji Inafune's work but remember this is an indie game. 

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