Indie Game Review: Goliath

Hello fellow subscribers , readers and new visitors to SkyTerra-Review welcome! Today I am talking about a new game I just recently started playing a creative indie game called " Goliath " and get ready for an awesome game ! 


Goliath is an action/adventure game with RPG elements and crafting. In Goliath, players find themselves in a mysterious land consisting of the jumbled fragments of a hundred dead civilizations. Several powerful factions battle for control of this strange and broken world, but even the mightiest amongst them tremble in fear of the monstrous giants that roam the land. To survive among these giant creatures, players must scavenge for resources and materials needed to create Goliaths to either use for battle or barter for their very lives.




  • Build A ‘Bot Factory: Learn how to create dozens of robotic Goliath suits from a variety of materials, including wood, stone, metal and more. Each Goliath can be customized and equipped with a variety of weapons – after players have learned how to craft them, of course.
  • Survive A Savage Land: Gather materials to build the tools needed to survive, including healing salves, protective fortresses and more. As players explore the world, they’ll learn more complex recipes for better tools and weapons.
  • Procedurally Generate World: Players will explore a unique world with every game, thanks to a procedurally generated world. 
  • Co-Op and Competitive Multiplayer: Players can play through Goliath’s campaign with a friend in cooperative gameplay or go head-to-head in arena combat!

Pro's and Con's 


  • This game reminds me of the cartoon "MEGAS XLR" 

  • A fun open world game

  •  Come on its Giant Robots punching Giant Monsters (how could you not love this)

  • A good assortment of Robots to use to punch monsters  


  • It takes time and sort of some dedication to go through the story lane and grind levels .

  • If you don't like games that take awhile to finish and the story is a little stretched out you will lose interest.

My Final Comments 

So after playing the game Goliath I have to say this game has taken my interest of the fact I get to create a giant robot that defeats enemies but it takes time to make your robot have more survive-ability.

I would still recommend this game to people who are fans of the " Megas XLR series" also for those who just love robots punching this its worth it ! 

 Goliath Steam Page