Indie game Review: Labyrinth

So everyone an interesting CCG Tactical Turn base RPG now I don't know about you guys but thats sounds really good and an interesting TTB (Tactical Turn Base)  lets check it out in this review on a game called " Labyrinth " 


Labyrinth is set in a vast and wondrous city called Starfall.  Once a peaceful and thriving market city, age-old pacts and alliances have broken down creating turmoil and unrest.  

The  earliest  settlers  have  consolidated  their  power and  look  to  push  out  rivals  while newcomers to the city seek to carve out territory for themselves.  As night falls, a silent war  begins  in  the  tunnels,  alleys,  and halls  of  the  ancient city  and  every  player  must battle for survival.








Key Features! 

  • Two Modes of Gameplay: Single Player Solo Adventure and Asynchronous Player vs. Player Multiplayer

  • Play as both Adventurer and Dungeon Master in battles

  • Four classes of cards based on the disciplines of magic, each with unique abilities that define their style of play

    • Warfare: Dominate through brute strength and outlast with indomitable will

    • Wizardry: Animate the essences of fire, frost, air, and earth

    • Faith: Control the battle by stalling the largest threats and crushing the weak with the will of the Gods

    • Skullduggery: Incredible reflexes, insight and intellect

  • Hundreds of unique collectible cards at launch allow players to build multiple strategic decks

    • Heroes  – The most important and valuable cards.  Equip decks with Equipment, Attack and Spell cards  

    • Bosses – Build the ultimate deck to protect your Dungeon, equip with
      Minion, Trap and Spell cards 

  • Asynchronous turn-based combat allows defenders to protect their Dungeon and their loot, even when they’re not online.  Players set up the exact order their cards will be played in advance allowing the action to occur anytime. 

  • Immersive 3D world where every Hero, Minion and Boss is an animated character in- game, as well as a card; and Attack cards have unique and dramatic visual effects.

  • Fully customizable dungeons

  • Feel of a tabletop adventure in a digital 3D world

  • 8+ Heroes and 8+ Bosses encounters at launch, with additional cards and encounters launching year-round

Labyrinth is 100% free to play there is no pay to win which is awesome ! I have been playing this game for most of the time and I have to say really impressed about it !


Pro's and Con's


  •  The game is very well detailed and getting constant updates. 

  • Alot of customization 

  • Alot of things to do 

  • Customizing how the cards help you and destroy your enemies 

  • Great visual effects 

  • Great for those that are new to the the CCG Games or TTB Tactical Turn Base 


  • The game is still being updated so it may run a bit slow but nothing that would annoy you. 

  • There is no offline mode ( Yet there might be it's in early access) 


Final Comments

I actually really like this game for the fact that its an rpg but with ccg and a tactical turn base, I recommend for anyone to try this game out and its mostly positive on steam! 

Check out their website here 

Labyrinth Website

Steam Webpage link