Game Review: Hyper Light Drifter !

Hello fellow readers and subscribers before I start with this amazing review I am sorry the site hasn't been updated recently because I was pretty much very sick with sore throat and everything...aka the works but anywhoo lets start this awesome review !! 


 The story starts with a giant diamond cell. It would bring immortality to the world, by uniting the souls of its inhabitants. Until a bird-shaped unknown enemy flies through the air no one knows what this thing is but not everyone welcome this unknown entity. The cell had be sabotaged which caused a gigantic explosion that ravaged the earth and summoning the titans into the world  

The Drifter fought against the titans, and defeated them but the power cell wasn't destroyed as it still sits in the heart of the earth now starting to corrupt the lands with the denizens from with in. Bringing out these shadow beast, as the tendrils start attack the drifter they bring him down into the underground he was close at hand to destroy the cause of all of this madness but it was too strong thus killing the Drifter only to bring him back alive once more giving him another chance to destroy it!  


Pro's and Con's

Now there are some maybe super small things about the game 


  • Amazing Art Style and alot of Eye candy ( Amazing Pixel Art ) 

  • Fluid Animation 

  • Amazing Story that goes from happy a little to Super Dark 

  • You have to actually think on how to play out the situation 

  • You will die alot but that just makes you want to play it more 


  • You will die alot ! ...I mean I have die alot in this game.. 

  • The hit boxes for some enemies are not where you think they would be

  • I hate fighting against the Crows!! 

  • It does take awhile to navigate around besides looking at the map ( I mean that technically isn't a bad thing its more like you will venture around for awhile which is awesome) 

Final Comments 

So my final comments are " Is this Game worth the buy ?" Umm..Yess why not I mean sure you will get angry at dying alot but then again look at Dark Souls and blood borne... This game is really worth the buy and to also take the time and view the amazing art they have to just stare at work awhile! 

Alright everyone please give Heart Machine a big round of applause for making such an awesome Indie Action RPG!!