Game Review: The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight

Hello reader's and subscriber I posted something for when I would make the next review but I decided to push "The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight " Ahead because this game just reminds me of an anime called "Gurren lagann". I mean come on its a drill spear and it destroys almost everything in it's path you would think about that awesome anime too!  Anyway On to the review. 


So the Game starts after the 256 years of paces across the lands of Antoria the sudden appearance of the Roselian army of Batarathym has risen up one more to attempt to take over the land once more as they lost the 43rd war called " The War of Darkness" . Now the New war begins as the start of " War of Darkness 44th " while beast go through the lands , corrupting and destroying everything and whoever stands in their way! 

Until a young recruit at the Motor Knight Academy named " Joy Lantz"  runs into action to destroy the evil that has now appeared once more




So my though's on this game I really like it, its not just go through these levels in this order only. This game goes on as " Go where ever you want, defeat any boss or enemy you see and make sure to destroy them. Now this gives the person choice on how to progress through the game and going through several challenges and conditions with each level or enemy you bump into on the map. 

I highly recommend this game to anyone that loves their retro style games and to use this drill arm that the character has and feel like you can "Pierce the heavens !"