Indie Game Review: Plane Game Reloaded

Hello fellow readers I am here to talk about a pretty interesting game and company but first lets talk about the game called " Plane Game Reloaded ". 

(Now just so you know before you try playing this game maker sure to have these)

System Requirements

  • You must have a windows 64 bit computer operation system.
  • 6 to 8 gb of RAM is recommended.

  • Optional processor: AMD A6-4400m APU With Radeon HD Graphics(2.70 GHZ). 


The game has six levels where you'll deliver supplies to islands in this awesome plane.

Now folks I will tell you are probably thinking this is simple game... Whooooo its not trying to get all of these objectives, shooting laser's and slowing down time ( I have to say this is my most advance come we don't have one of these !

Now there are three power-ups that you have to make sure to get: 

- Missile attack

- Time Slowing

- A gigantic lazer to blast everything in your path into nothing but atoms !!

What do I think about the game after playing the demo?

  • I have to say this game is pretty fun for a casual gamer

  • Challenging to try and get all of these objectives

  • Graphics are pretty good

  •'s only for 1$   



Now I find this company very interesting because of also on how they want to help people learn how to do code in python. 

Woodstock Production has been helping people learn and create indie games since 2012. Followed by they have their own tutorials to help you learn from step one and up! 

So my fellow readers I am impressed with Woodstock Productions and you should check them out! Look on how to make some of your own indie games, make something that you have always wanted players to see and play and remember don't have a gigantic scope. 

Check out their site on the link below here

WoodStock Production