Small Phone Game Review: Bird Batter

Hello all of my fellow readers and today I am going to tell you about a small but a pretty fun casual game called " Bird Batter". Okay before you jump to conclusions "No Bird's were hurt in the making of this game and This bird really wants these seeds man jeeze!"


So the main objective of this game is to stop this annoying bird here from eating your seeds ( I mean come on man I just bought these seeds I don't need this bird pecking me ). 

Pro's and Con's


  • The game is pretty addicting after awhile of playing 

  • Graphics are pretty nice 

  • Simple Mechanic 

  • Getting this bird away from my seeds 


  • It does get boring to a point 

  • Mostly for casual players 

  • Need a 2nd player to play this *You can play against yourself but it goes on forever* 

If you are a casual player and always play with friends on app games then I recommend you download this. Its pretty fun amongst a group or more that 2 to 5 players at once! 

If you want a link to the game its right here below and thank you everyone for reading :D!!