Retro Game Review: Fable Lost Chapters

Hello everyone and today I am reviewing one of my many favorite RPG's from the Xbox original series to Xbox 360! That's right " Fable Lost Chapters " this is one rpg I would put as many hours as I can into just to see if their are any hidden Easter eggs  so onto the review! 


The story of Fable focuses on a small boy which is you that is getting his sister a birthday present going around town doing some (Good Deeds or Bad Deeds). You gained enough for a small gift for you sister ( funny you would think you would get her a teddy bear or something but all you can choose is chocolates ) so after you buy the chocolates for you sister a random bandit group comes into you peaceful town killing everyone you know and love. Your father was greatly wounded, your sister and mother were taken, and you ..were left alone in this burning village until the master of the Heroes Guild saves you from getting attacked by a bandit and takes you to the guild to train you to become a Warrior ( Hero ). Learning the basics of ( Sword Fighting, Archery, and Will aka Magic) getting yourself prepared for what is out their on your long adventure to getting back your sister and mother ...if they are alive. 


Yep I am just the Chicken Chaser going around Punching Wasps in the face and cutting my enemies down! 

The Good and The Bad! 

  • Fable Lost Chapters has tons of good points such as the humor
  • How your characters appearance will change depending on what choices you choose
  • Progressing through the story seeing yourself getting older ( becoming a really Buff Evil guy or Good Guy ) 
  • I do wish they would have added *Choose your Gender* but I guess they did that in the later fable series 
  • I do wish they would have added more choices to the character customization but thats just my opinion 

Should you buy this game for the PC or if you still have your Xbox 360 or Original ? that really a question YES! this was an amazing rpg until they brought the new Fable games which weren't really the best I am saying but you guys have your opinions. 

10/10 - Perfect Retro RPG

Fable Lost Chapters is available on steam for $10 

and thank you for taking the time to read on this !! :D