Game Review: Savant Ascent

Savant this game is really difficult like... you must dodge everything with only 3 hearts oh god ..must ..try and make it Noo..ugh so may tries with this game but its so addicting !! Anyway here is my  small review for " Savant Ascent "! 


A malicious orb has cast Savant out of his tower and transformed his surroundings into dangerous enemies!


Soo much movement and shooting around just to collect these golden records ohh god

The Good and The Bad * Not Really* 

  • Very Fun ( as you see in the Gameplay Video Above) 
  • You will die alot but who hasn't in video games 
  • Look all around because you will miss that one certain enemy that is going to hit you somehow 
  • It sort of reminded me of " Gunstar Heroes " for the Sega Genesis 

Is This Game Worth Buying..? 

To be honest ...If you really want a challenge nothing easy and it doesn't have a difficulty setting this is all skill based!  I really love this game and for those who love challenges " Yes ! this is definitely worth the buy! "  

Savant Ascent only $2 on the Steam store 

This game has also won several awards

Game Maker Award 2013

Check out the Website as they are having a new update to Savant: Void ( Click on the link)