Small Game Review : Grow Home

This game is pretty strange I will admit Ubisoft this is something that I haven't seen in awhile. So I have to say in this game just grow plants ...EveryWhere also there are sheep. Here is my review on this strange little game called " Grow Home". 


 A story of BUD, a Botanical Utility Droid sent on a mission across the galaxy to seek out a new species of flora to help oxygenate his home world. He finds the perfect specimen in the Star Plant.BUD’s mission is to grow it to maturity and harvest the seeds it produces. The plant ends up being a towering two-kilometer-high bridge from the ground to his space ship.


Gameplay Video for The Newest Review !

he Good and the Bad

  • So the game is really and I mean really colorful !
  • There is alot of stuff to do from either collecting all of the crystals to growing each and every plant. 
  • This isn't a fast pace game
  • There is no fighting involved its more like the game " Flower" 

Is this Game worth buying ?

If you love casual games and something that doesn't involve any action then " Oh! yes you should definitely give this game a try! 

The Game is $7.99 on steam also it is soon coming to PS4 and possibly Xbox 1 

9/10 Definitely made for Casual players and those that want to try something different !