Game Review: Volume

Next up for the Game Reviews is " Volume " now I have alot to say on volume its a pretty interesting game besides the constant stealth but still has a very interesting story line. So here is my review on Volume ! 


Enter the Volume to halt the corruption of Gisborne Industries and train the masses to rob from the rich in this re imagining of the Robin Hood legend.


So when trying to record this game it get a little sluggish but it does show all of the finer points of the gameplay * mind you this video is a little long lol * 

Good and Bad Points

  • The game feels like you were in a matrix training session

  • You really have to think about what you are going to do to pass the level

  • These enemies are really smart

  • Good Humor ! 

  • The Targeting is off so you really have to be precised with the aiming

  •  Some of the enemies act a little weird with their targeting and still hit you  

  • Enemies can hit you through walls 

Is this a good game to buy: Yes 

As glitchy as this game is when it comes to certain levels and trying to record it makes the game seem sluggish all in all not a bad game to buy. It has its ups and downs but for those that love to be stealthy and get around without the enemies known then this is definitely for you !