Game Review: CritterCrunch

So a friend of mine recommended me to playing this game and so far I though it was just a normal game like Bust - A - Move but I was completely wrong...all I have to say is Rainbow barf..yep. So I am going to show you guys this food chain type game with alot of critters exploding " Critter Crunch" 


Story focuses on a small creature named Biggs a furry, friendly forest dweller with a very huge appetite for various types of critters. Using is very long tongue ( reminds me of a frog in general) takes in a critter and launches them at the next creature on the food chain. As they are turned into these crystal like objects when they explode so Biggs can eat them making Rainbow throw up for his son ( I am guessing ).




iOs , PlayStation Store ( Ps3 Only) , Microsoft Store and Mac OS X


The game is really fun besides seeing that awkward moment of the son coming up and having this look of " Please give me Rainbow Throw - up ". Not something I really expected from a video game but I have to say its still very fun and interesting. 

If you really like puzzle games that I definitely say this game is worth your time but if you just like the strange weirdness that goes on in this game that I also say this is worth your time! 

There are a couple of downsides providing the fact that there are some condition levels which are exceedingly difficult but after awhile you get the idea on what you have to do to win (( which you will probably see above here in this video ...yea not the best at this lol :D ))