Game Review *Special*: VoyD

So today everyone I am going to start of for the first review a very addictive and well inspired game from game jolt made by NatPash. So here is my first small Indie Review on this game "VoyD"


Hack & Slash

The game is actually a little choppy here and there but its really fun ! 

The mechanic of VoyD

Each level gets progressively harder with how many enemies spawn to how fast the enemies are going to come at you. So far after I played the game and died about 15 times (( lol I know bad -__-;)) you only have 5 hits and you loose (( see if you were me you would totally forget that you had a dash button in this game ....ehehehe...-___-;)). 


When playing this game you will rage at a point when you get to a high enough level or just trying to dodge these enemies ! 

This is definitely a game that I would love to see expand more enemies or more weapons of choice but anyway if you would like to play VoyD its free on Game Jolt and on his Website source are at the bottom of the review!