Game Review: Edge

Okay next game up for reviewing is this...wonderful, super colorful and pretty well done for a simple  game and perhaps one of my favorite games to relax to the background music. Here is the game " EDGE "




The game focuses on a small cube that goes around at least 48 levels. As you go around each other these levels collecting colored prisms ( if you are either using your finger to drag the cube or you are using the W,A,S,D) 


Linux, iOs, PlayStation Network, Microsoft Store, Mac , Wii U,PC and Nintendo 3ds


So here is my Gameplay Video of Edge and I have to say when you listen to the background music you will probably say " wow this music is really catchy! " 

Should you buy this game

Um. Yea if you like puzzle games and just something to play casually then by all means yes! 9/10

This game is pretty cheap on the steam store and it is also available on alot of other platform systems as you see above thank you for reading this :D