Good News !!

So I wanted to do something for everyone that takes the time and subscribes here on my blog and likes to read it. Even those that just like taking a look at it from time to its a great help that you guys take the time out of your day to read my blog so hopefully starting next year:

  • I will be having contest at random times for everyone and the prizes go from

- Free Game

- Free Humble Bundle

- T-shirt

- Mug

Mostly around those areas, I want to make sure as you as readers are liking my opinions and what I review here. To keep giving you guys great games to play or great games to help fund to make it awesome :D

There will also be a forum ( or something ) created for Indie Developers that are interested to having their games reviewed send me some information about it and for those that just found a great indie game that they would love to be reviewed!  

Thank you all that take the time to review my blog and hope to continue giving you guys awesome suggestions and updates to you !!! :D