Console Game Review: Fallout 4 ( The Adventure that never ends)


So this game right here I have to say should definitely win an award for being pretty awesome! For the fact that Fallout 4 is a never ending game like Skyrim and that is something that definitely fits with this game ! Now I am going to try and condense the awesomeness of this game down to at least 4 to 5 paragraphs from the almost 10 pages I have written down ..^^; and here we go ! My Review on Fallout 4  


So the story starts off with you and your wife getting ready for this event ( this is the part where you customize your character which is a pretty awesome feature ). As a man from a company named the has chosen your family to go into their new Vault 111 as you answer a set of questions a news flash of a massive atomic nuclear bomb attack is going to hit the area you are in right now. Now after hearing this you run up to the new fault and once up there to the platform you see the sudden explosion in the far off distance as you are lowered into your new home and now your adventure will begin. 


Gameplay Videos and Trailer 

Watch the official gameplay launch trailer for Fallout 4, available worldwide on Tuesday, November 10th. Welcome Home. 

Running and Gunning this Raider Base Heard that there was a man I needed to kill here :D You get a Critical hit , You get a Critical hit Everyone Gets One !! " Eat Dirt THIEVES OF THE WASTE LANDS GAHAHAHAHAH!

The Good and the Bad

So now comes the downsides to Fallout 4 which some are easily fixable. 

  •  There are alot of buggy issues with the game (just warning you ) 

  • Your partner that is following you will get lost or get stuck in a spot 

  • On the PS4 there are certain bugs that will happen that will make the game suddenly stop but luckily there is an auto save feature for just in case that happens but make sure its active in options.

  • There will be a certain missions that the people you are saving or transport to a certain area might get stuck in one spot and you can't finish that quest so you might have to save, Quit, and reload. 

  • The game so far is pretty awesome there are tons of things to do 

  • As I said at the top of this review this game never ends like there is almost an infinite amount of stuff to do. 

  • Power Suit is OP! 

  • Some choices that you make in the game ( Depends on the partner will either make them like what you said or they will be disappointed with your choice) 

Glitches and Things to look for ? 

So recently there has been a couple of glitches found in the game like how to get the Cryogun.

More glitches are being found so take the time and try them out but I only say used the infinite Caps glitch when you beat the game once. 


So to explain this I am going to say " Yes! " why wouldn't you get a game that is super fun, has almost an infinity amount of quest to do in this wasteland, and you get to travel with your awesome dog

9.5 out of 10

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