Game Review: Costume Quest 1

Well if you have seen in my past blog I reviewed this game and I really needed to redo this one! This is one of my favorite games from Double Fine,  conveniently I am reviewing this game in October and this was a request from a good friend of mine. To add this review my voice is recorded to give this an actual review feeling lol *To correct a statement I said in the video Apparently yes you can play as the french Fries! * 


So the story begins with two kids Wren and Reynold its Halloween time to go for trick or treating but there had to be someone in charge ( So as the player you get to choose between who gets to be in charge and wear the Robot Costume while the other gets a Candy Corn outfit Ha!). As you start on your trick or treating you knock on the first door and Immediately the person says " That Candy Corn outfit is hideous ! No candy for you" ( Well like that wasn't mean at all ) so you move on to the next house and suddenly a monster or Grubbin as they call it thinks (Wren or Reynold) is a piece of gigantic candy. Grabs them and takes them back to their area filled with candy as you try to save (Wren or Reynold) but you were too late ! 


Gameplay and Trailer

Sorry Ninja Too QUick with the Power of Rainbows *Also this one has my voice in Finally*


  • This game is really good when it comes to the story, gameplay and humor
  • There are a couple of areas in the game that will get one of your character's stuck but don't worry they will just teleport next to you
  • It is a little difficult finding the secret costumes but when you get them whooo the power behind them! 
  • This game has its tough enemies so you will get frustrated but remember you can always come back to fight them again
  • There is a decently amount of grinding but with the right costume group combination that shouldn't be much of a problem. 

Game Mechanics 

So what makes this game so much different from the average RPG is there are no upgraded stats its just on what stamps you put on your characters to help you out in battle. There are alot of stamps that do different affects such as Stun with damage, high chances to dodge your enemies attacks and so on. 


Yes very for those that like to try a different kind of RPG, or try a game that is really good and will make you love the characters.