Game Review: Tales of Zestiria for PC

Okay this game right here has been really really good so far! They have changed alot of the game in general and the story is pretty good. so not going to wait any longer so here is my review on "Tales of Zestiria".


( So besides how Tales of Xillia 1 and 2, Tales of Zestiria has gone back to that Medevil/Fantasy sitting) 

A long time has passed since the last Shepard has appeared (About 200 years) and across the land a darkness has crept across the land. This darkness is called " Malevolence " making the world go into chaos and now who will save everyone now. As the story begins on a young man named Sorey, as he was born human with the power and ability to see these ancient people called Seraph.

1. Sorey , 2. Mikleo , Princess Alisha, 4.Rose , 5. Lailah , 6.Edna and 7.Dezel


Avaliable Now for PS3 , PS4 and PC


  • There are alot of good points to this game for the fact that the Mana below the Health bar of each character will regenerate! 

  • As it shows on the video above the fact that now the characters will Fuse together to make the main character very strong. 

  • There is alot of level grinding involved but welcome to RPG's in General ! 

  • On the PC there are some graphic issues with certain parts of the game but its nothing to mess up the game.



If you really love rpg's/jrpg's and you know that there is alot of level grinding involved then (In Most Final Fantasy and Tales of Series) and If you are new RPG's then this one would be an amazing game to have! 


Its really worth it to check out !