Game App Review: Kuhu's Planet

So this is going to be my first game app for SkyTerra-Review and this one is actually pretty cool and something to play when you really want to move along in your day. The name of this game is Kuhu's Planet ! and I have to say these green little guys whooo that swarm!


Welcome to Kuhu's Planet! An enchanting world full of fun and adventure that is free of rules and dominance. A friendly planet of Kuhus full of charisma and charming colors, the world that will captivate your heart and mind with a euphonic and entertaining experience. A land comprised of cute and cuddly little Kuhus.

Unfortunately, the Kuhu planet has been invaded by the Zompires! These creatures have horrifying zombie eyes and spooky teeth like vampires. They appear in distinct, pale colors.

These ugly zombie-like and vampire-like creatures are going to hunt you. You better watch out and get your gun before they come and get you... Aim for the Zompires and shoot to get rid of them. Don’t forget to save the cute and cuddly Kuhus!

GAMEPLAY & Trailer

Now I have to say as someone who normally doesn't play that many phone app games this one is something I would play casually to pass the time or try to get that high score! 

Should you download this game for you phone ?

To be honest...Yes I would say so this game is actually really fun and I have been talking to the developer (he is a really good guy ) and I am pretty sure their will be more updates to this fun game soon! 

If you would like to download this game here are the links down below for Apple and Android thank you for reading my first game app 



Google Android Play Store

Apple IOS Store