Game Review: Jotun


Now I have to say this game right here I have played alot video games and this particular game is so amazingly well done ( I mean really amazing ) The boss fights, the level environment and the story ( whooo can't wait to talk about this game ) So lets get started with the review on "Jotun" 


The game focuses on a Young Viking Woman named Thora ( After the God Thor) as she died but now given a second chance from the Gods she must impress them be defeating them all in combat one by one to enter Valhalla.



  • This game is like Dark Souls hard if you do not know how to dodge and just go in Axe blazing (( ha see what I did there )) 
  • Take time to look at this hard drawn art work 
  • Fight through Hoards and Hoards of enemies ( CHARGE) 
  • Defeat Gods and Keep great that you were able to fight off this Giant size Gods 

Should You Buy this Game ?

Um... Again as I just explained in all of this ...YES!! You should definitely buy this game its actually really good and well done story ! 

Available on Steam for $13.49 Go out there and show your Viking attitude !