Indie Game Review: Monolith

Welcome! everyone to another indie game review on a rather exciting indie game that has the Shoot-em-up and Roguelike mechanics, installed and the name of that game is Monolith! 


The story begins with a legendary power that is locked up deeply into the abandoned facility in the darkest level with tons of enemies using all of their powers to defend this legendary power until the one who is worthy of it!

Mid Commentary

So far my first impression of Monolith, I found this game to remind me a lot of "Binding of Issac" game series with its somewhat similar maps but it brings shoot'em up, mechanics. Overall really fun and with the creative enemies and procedurally generated maps to make these entirely different.

Trailer and Video Game Review


This game is heavily inspired by a large number of doujin shooters with twin-stick shooting action and procedurally generated environments. The player takes control of a little ship, with the ability to use a different amount of assorted weapons, dash quickly and cancel out enemy bullets with a limited supply of bombs. 

Pro and Con's

Pro's                                         Con's

  • You die a lot 

  • Not for everyone 

  • Can get frustrating at times

  • A lot of action

  • Gives you a challenge 

  • You will die a lot

  • Combination of abilities 

  • Each time a new Experience


So far I really like this game even though it reminds me of "Binding of Issac a bit but adding a lot of shooting up mechanics, using your skills to get through certain conditions and different enemies. I really like playing this game and having a new experience with each death! 

Great game for those that love a challenge! 4 out of 5

Indie Game Review "Grab the Bottle"

Hello everyone welcomes to the newest game review to a weird but interesting game called " Grab the bottle". Now this game is literally like one of those Bend and Strech cartoon arms going across rooms grabbing that one individual object and its something fun! 


You need to maneuver an ever-extending arm to grab the goal bottle, avoiding anything hazardous or your arm on the way. To make things more tricky, Grab the Bottle brings physics and puzzles to the mix. You must grab, pull and drop objects to get to the goal bottle. On the way, you will find different kinds of obstacles that need to be dealt with

The story begins in the 50s, somewhere in rural America, where a particularly strong-minded baby is taking his first steps and discovers that anything is possible especially as he seems to have an infinitely stretchy arm. 

Trailer and Gameplay

Mid Commentary

So after playing the three levels of "Grab the Bottle " my first though seeing it visually that this was one of those retro cartoon's like Archie comics but other than that it was something interesting with the bending infinite arm to get the objective and it makes you think on how to bend the arm just enough to not touch any of the walls or floors. 


  • Innovative, twisted way of solving puzzles by stretching and retracting your arm.
  • Many levels of puzzles for you to solve (45), set in locations ranging from attics to amusement parks
  • Colorful vintage comics-style graphics
  • Excellent soundtrack featuring various styles of music, reflecting different life-phases of the main character.
  • Steam trading cards and Achievements
  • We will also be later adding a free 2-4 player local multiplayer with various fun modes!

Available Now on Steam

"Grab the Bottle"


This game is ideal for those that like casual games or a good puzzle game for those stream library. It has been something fascinating never had a game with infinite stretching arms and grabbing this 

Great Puzzle Arm Streching Game and definitly worth having in your steam library!
8 out of 10